At DK SOUND we’re looking for the recipe for the Perfect Jingle.

The Jingle with the perfect mix of branding, image, freshness, recognizability and the 7 or 8 other ingredients that make the Perfect Jingle.

The Jingle that makes your listeners forget all about the competiton – and the competition’s listeners to jump the fence and join the party.

The Perfect Jingle is more than just you audio business card It''s a caleidoscope of emotions, revealing new details all the time – but 100% you all of the time.

We’re at about 96% perfect jingle now.


Want to explore 97% together?

A new name and new jingles for Radio 100 who chose to raise the bar even higher...

Radio M in Denmark decided to freshen up the play list with a brand new jingle package from DK SOUND.

New custom jingle package for Denmark's Radio M.