Radio 100FM became Radio 100

When Radio 100FM changed name to simply Radio 100, they chose to raise the bar even higher and introduce 'key matching': matching jingles to songe in terms of keys to create an even better flow.

Imaging Director Bjarke Rasmussen and DK SOUND collaborated closely to create a new package of jingles in every key and new, fresh sound.

On top of this, DK SOUND analyzed the entire Radio 100 playlist to match song keys to appropriate jingles.

The result is a comprehensive package of 45+ cuts which makes matching song keys to jingles a breeze.

Take listen to the new Radio 100 Package here:

A new name and new jingles for Radio 100 who chose to raise the bar even higher...

Radio M in Denmark decided to freshen up the play list with a brand new jingle package from DK SOUND.

New custom jingle package for Denmark's Radio M.