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Radio M [2016] - 8 brand new jingles and an overload of cuts.

Radio Victoria [2015] - En ny radio fortjener en original jinglepakke!

Din Radio [2014] - Helt ny original jinglepakke

Radio Limfjord [2013] - Helt ny original jinglepakke

Globus Guld [2012] - Helt ny original jinglepakke

Radio Globus [2012] - Helt ny original jinglepakke

Limfjord Plus [2012] - Re-Sing af vores originale Radio 100FM package

Radio 3 [2011 versioner] - Opdaterede versioner af 2010 Pakken.

Radio Alfa [Jul] - Juleversioner af hele 2011 pakken.

Radio Klassisk 2011 - Logo, versioner og beds til Radio Klassisk.

Radio 100 [2011] - Jinglepakke til Radio 100 [2011].

Radio Alfa [2011] - Klassisk jingle pakke med frisk ny lyd og fede vokale harmonier.

Radio 100 FM [2009] - Jinglepakke til Radio 100FM.

Radio 100 FM - Jul - Shotguns med julelyd til Radio 100FM

The World Chart Show - Jingle pakke til The World Chart Show - internationalt Top 40 show.

Radio 3 [2010] - Ny jingle pakke til Fyns Radio 3

Radio 3 [2010] - Jul - Juleversioneringer af hele Radio 3's jingle pakke.

A new name and new jingles for Radio 100 who chose to raise the bar even higher...

Radio M in Denmark decided to freshen up the play list with a brand new jingle package from DK SOUND.

New custom jingle package for Denmark's Radio Victoria.